What are the tips for becoming a model ?

The world of modelling is a dream for many people. However, being a part of it often seems unattainable. What are the criteria to become a model? Can you really become one? this article will tell you more.


A model is first and foremost a person who is very self-confident. Indeed, in the modelling world there is a lot of competition. So you can immediately fall into the ways of the profession or give up very quickly. Yes, it’s a very demanding, vicious and perverse profession where you have to know how to impose yourself to survive. 

Contact an agency or go to a casting

 You can get into the world of fashion by going to an agency or participating in castings. A modelling agency will take care of you: recruiting, advising, training and representing you at castings or with fashion houses. They will put together a catalogue or portfolio for you and give you more visibility on social networks. You just have to meet their criteria.

Castings put you in direct contact with agency recruiters. The aim is to impress the juries with your confidence, looks, walk and wiggle. During the castings you will certainly be interviewed. All this to make sure that you really deserve to be recruited.

Matching the criteria

Whether you are a man or a woman, the selection criteria for a model are the same. Normally the profession starts at the age of 16. So to be a model you need to be between 1.72m and 1.80m tall. It should be noted that these criteria vary according to the needs of the agencies or fashion houses. In addition, there are models of all shapes and sizes now. You also need to be beautiful and elegant. There are several types of models: 

– photo mannequin ;

– fashion model; – editorial model

– editorial model;

– advertising model ;

– and many others.

It’s up to you to make your choice and to have your feet on the ground to face the risks of the profession. It is essential that you have confidence in yourself; no matter what the criteria and work with an agency.






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